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Dieselpoint customers include retailers, wholesalers, publishers, government, healthcare, technology firms, and companies in a variety of other industries. Applications that are leveraging our Java search and navigation software include product catalogs, document search, site search, intranet/enterprise search, knowledgebases, and embedded OEM search.

Here are a few success stories for customers that have deployed our search software:

McGraw-Hill Information and Media Services

McGraw-Hill is a leading global information services provider meeting worldwide needs in the financial services, education and business information markets. Its publications include Business Week and Aviation Week.

When editors and others at McGraw-Hill voiced a need to search the company’s publication archives, the IT team turned to Dieselpoint. The archives comprise 700,000 articles and several gigabytes of data.

McGraw-Hill evaluated a number of search software alternatives. They chose Dieselpoint for the project because Dieselpoint offered robust functionality at an affordable price. Speed was an important selection attribute. Dieselpoint, known for its performance, lived up to its reputation and brought back results very quickly.

It also provided a way for users to navigate through articles by date, publication, author, and other document metadata.

“We were short on time and money. Dieselpoint could do everything we needed so we gave it a closer look. Performance was our biggest consideration. We defined benchmarks, simulated a test load, and everybody here was really pleased with how fast Dieselpoint could bring back results. That clinched the deal.”

— Ray Lambert, Systems Project Manager

Archives for 70 publications (over 700,000 articles) were indexed. Articles were Dublin Core-formatted XML.

Sun Sparc/Solaris on a shared server

Business Benefit:
McGraw-Hill improved editorial and research productivity by giving editors near-instant access to historical print archives of over seventy publications. Editors around the world — in 322 offices in 33 countries — access the system.

PSS/World Medical

With annual revenues of over $1.3 billion, PSS/World Medical is the country’s largest provider of medical supplies to the physician, long-term care provider, and home care provider markets. It distributes thousands of products to 100,000 offices in all 50 states.

PSS/World Medical chose Dieselpoint Search to power its online catalog, which is the primary source of product information for its customers and its 750 field sales representatives. It is also installing Dieselpoint on the laptops of its sales representatives to provide offline access to detailed product and pricing information for over 130,000 different medical products.

The company considered EasyAsk, Mercado, and Endeca, but ultimately selected Dieselpoint. They chose it for its flexible support for attribute search and navigation, pure Java architecture, small footprint (required for laptop deployment), performance, direct access to the API, and the quality of the search results.

The support for attributes made it easy to create a sophisticated site that allows users to navigate, search, compare, and display product characteristics.

“Dieselpoint Search is fast and has a small footprint. Everything else we looked at was too heavyweight, in either performance, size, complexity, or price. Your sales and support are also first-class. Any question I had was quickly answered by a team that is clearly intimate with the technology and product.”

— Marko Milicevic, Application Architect, PSS/World Medical

130,000 products indexed.

Multi-platform, including laptops.

Business Benefit:
PSS/World Medical was able to make their sales reps more productive by giving them the ability to search their entire product catalog on their laptops when in the field without an Internet connection.

Oregon Health and Sciences University

The hospitals and clinics of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) provide leading-edge health care services to patients throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Dieselpoint powers the search capabilities of OHSU Health, an online health information resource that provides information on general health topics, OHSU doctors and OHSU clinics.

OHSU evaluated Google Search Appliance and Dieselpoint. They chose Dieselpoint for the project because Dieselpoint provided web site search like Google, but provided much more control over relevance ranking and the design of search results pages. OHSU also liked Dieselpoint’s ability to work with SQL databases, which was lacking in Google.

“We really liked Dieselpoint’s functionality. The Forced Rankings feature and the Thesaurus feature suited our needs well. We also knew that because Dieselpoint Search was all-Java, we could deploy it on any platform. All in all, we give Dieselpoint a huge thumbs up!”

— Shelly Caldwell, Developer

Three distinct sites indexed. Over 3,000 content pages indexed. 600 doctor profiles indexed. 200 clinics indexed. Index generated from two SQL databases and web crawl.

OHSU runs Dieselpoint Search on Intel/Linux

Business Benefit:
OHSU enhanced its image in the community and raised its visibility by providing quick and easy access to health information on numerous topics. OHSU doctors and clinics associated with a given health topic appear in the search results, making it easy for a prospective patient to convert interest and concern into a firm appointment with an OHSU physician or specialist.

Newview Technologies Inc.

Newview Technologies develops software solutions for raw materials specification and procurement. 46 customers with more than 327 subsidiary companies use Newview Technologies software to support and improve their supply chain interactions.

Newview uses Dieselpoint to power search and navigation in its new Material Specification Management software. Dieselpoint’s superior handling of products with many attributes made it an easy choice over other competing search solutions.

Newview evaluated Dieselpoint Search against Autonomy, Verity, Netrix, Mercado and Endeca. Newview chose Dieselpoint for its architectural flexibility, functionality, pricing and ease of implementation.

“We looked at all the big guys and everyone wanted us to run on a separate server. Since we were looking for an OEM solution, we need to run on our server with our own software to simplify deployment. Dieselpoint could handle that.”

— Michael McGarrity, CTO & VP Engineering, Newview

Tens of thousands of product specifications are indexed at each OEM installation of Dieselpoint – embedded into Newview’s software solutions.

Newview’s customers run Dieselpoint Search on a variety of platforms. Dieselpoint’s all-Java implementation makes this possible.

Business Benefit:
Newview can incorporate state-of-the-art search capabilities into its own software products and thereby create increased value to its own customers.