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Dieselpoint Joins Google, IBM and PARC on the “Future of Search”
  Panel at Enterprise Search Summit 2008

Chicago, Illinois – March 17, 2008 – Dieselpoint Inc., a leader in enterprise search and navigation, today announced that founder and CEO Chris Cleveland will speak about upcoming technologies in “The Future of Search” discussion panel at KMWorld’s Enterprise Search Summit 2008. Moderated by Theresa Regli, “The Future of Search” panel also includes speakers from Google, IBM and PARC.

For Dieselpoint, the future of search lies with OpenPipeline. OpenPipeline is new open source software for crawling, parsing, analyzing and routing documents. It ties together otherwise incomplete solutions for enterprise search and document processing. OpenPipeline provides a common architecture for connectors to data sources, file filters, text analyzers and modules to distribute documents across a network. Anyone who is interested in document processing, text analytics, web services, or enterprise search will be interested in learning about OpenPipeline.

Dieselpoint will also be showcasing a few exciting new products at this year’s search convention. Demos of Dieselpoint Search 4.0, Recommender, and Analytics products will be on display. Dieselpoint Search 4.0 raises the bar for performance and scalability in enterprise search by bringing faceted navigation to terabyte-sized datasets. Dieselpoint Search 4.0 supports massive scalability on commodity hardware.

Dieselpoint Recommender adds collaborative filtering and recommendations to Dieselpoint queries. It can improve user experience in any search application. Used by retailers it can boost ROI by displaying products similar shoppers showed interest in. Within the enterprise it facilitates collaboration and provides time-saving automated recommendations for users looking for documents or emails on intranets, in CMS like Sharepoint and in E-discovery applications.

Dieselpoint Analytics rounds out this package by creating dynamic visual charts of query logs. Search trends are rendered instantly within a point-and-click interface. Stop by the booth to see Dieselpoint enterprise search software in action and get answers to your questions.

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