Have you tried Dieselpoint Search™ yet?



Dieselpoint Search was created with two central design goals:

  • Provide search software that supports massive scalability.
  • Keep configuration, integration, and application design simple, straightforward, and elegant.

The core Dieselpoint Search engine is implemented as a Java library. It has a simple, intuitive, but extremely powerful API. Index and configuration files reside in a single directory structure, making it easy to move and take backups of indexes.

Indexes are stored in a Dieselpoint-proprietary file format. No external database is required. The file format and index structure is fault-tolerant, requiring no rollback or recovery procedures after a server crash. After an unexpected server reboot, a Dieselpoint Search application will simply pick up where it left off, giving you peace of mind that your application is reliable.

The product ships with three ancillary modules: an administrative interface, sample applications, and a bundled JSP/servlet container/app server suitable for common uses.

The administrative interface makes it easy to create, update, and search indexes. Wizard-like screens capture requirements and write them out to configuration files formatted as XML. The search engine uses these XML files to index data and define system behavior.

Unlike other resource-heavy solutions, Dieselpoint Search integrates easily into Java apps. By default, no configuration is required at all, although several hundred configuration and indexing options are available.