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Dieselpoint redefines the search software market with its Java-based search software. Organizations that use Dieselpoint Search empower their end users not only to search data but also to intelligently navigate through data based on the data’s structure and its attributes. This solution represents the next-generation of information access for enterprise search — a much more powerful solution than that offered by traditional search software.

Recent Dieselpoint News Releases

April 30, 2008. “OpenPipeline Seeks to Ease Document Prep for Search, InfoWorld, PCWorld, LinuxWorld

April 22, 2008. Chris Cleveland discusses Dieselpoint and OpenPipeline (audio), The Business Intelligence Network

November 2004. “In Search Of…”, Entrepreneur Magazine

July 20, 2004. “Dieselpoint Search Engine Optimized for OS/400”, IT Jungle

June 28, 2004. “Grabbing Google’s Coattails”, Network World

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